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August 14, 2015

Udall Marks 80th Anniversary of Social Security

WASHINGTON - Today, U.S. Senator Tom Udall released the following statement in honor of the 80th anniversary of President Franklin D. Roosevelt signing the first Social Security Act into law on August 14, 1935: "Today marks the 80th anniversary of Social Security - a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of seniors in New Mexico. Before Social Security became law in 1935, half of our nation's seniors lived in poverty. But today, nearly 400,000 New Mexico seniors and others - and millions of people … Continue Reading

August 13, 2015

Udall Leads Coalition Pressing FDA to Tackle Toxics in E-Cigarettes

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senators Tom Udall (D-N.M.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Jack Reed (D-R.I.) and Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) called for clear product standards and good manufacturing processes to combat the health risks of toxic substances in e-cigarettes as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration finalizes its first regulations of the aerosol-producing products. The number of e-cigarette users - especi… Continue Reading

August 12, 2015

New Mexico, Colorado Delegations Urge President to Direct Federal Resources to Gold King Mine Response

WASHINGTON - Members of the New Mexico and Colorado congressional delegations today are urging President Barack Obama to direct any and all appropriate federal resources to help respond to damage from the Gold King Mine spill that occurred in the Animas River last week. Communities in both states along the affected rivers are working quickly to minimize the short-term and long-term public health and economic challenges caused by the tragic spill. Recovering from the spill will take a full and co… Continue Reading

August 11, 2015

Udall, Heinrich, Luján: EPA Administrator McCarthy to Travel to NM, View Animas River Contamination Area

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich and U.S. Representative Ben Ray Luján issued the following statement after U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy agreed, at their request, to travel to New Mexico and personally view the Gold King Mine spill, which has sent 3 million gallons of wastewater into the Animas and San Juan rivers. "Today, EPA Administrator McCarthy confirmed to us that she will personally visit the spill that has contamina… Continue Reading

August 10, 2015

NM Lawmakers Write to EPA on Gold King Mine Spill, Call for Point Person to Oversee Agency’s Response

WASHINGTON - In a letter today to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy, U.S. Sens. Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich and U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Luján expressed their concern with the EPA's response to the Gold King Mine spill that has sent three million gallons of wastewater into the Animas River. In the letter, the lawmakers called on EPA to improve communication with federal, state, and local officials and with members of the public, urging the agency to appoint one point… Continue Reading

August 10, 2015

Udall, Heinrich Announce More Than $10 Million in Homeland Security Grants

WASHINGTON - Today, U.S. Sens. Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich announced that the state of New Mexico, along with Doña Ana, Grant, Hidalgo, Luna and Otero counties, will receive more than $10 million combined for border security and emergency preparedness. The funding comes from various U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grant programs. "Border states like New Mexico are on the front lines when it comes to homeland security, and this funding will help our law enforcement agencies an… Continue Reading

August 07, 2015

Udall Statement on the Mine Spill in the Animas River

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Senator Tom Udall issued the following statement about the contamination of the Animas River by the Gold King Mine in San Juan County, Colorado: "The release of wastewater into the Animas River from the Gold King Mine in Colorado is of great concern to me and the Northwestern New Mexico communities that could be affected as the spill moves downstream. My office is engaging the Environmental Protection Agency and all federal agencies that can assist with information and respons… Continue Reading

August 06, 2015

Udall Introduces Resolution Backing Pope Francis’ Encyclical on Climate Change

WASHINGTON - Today, U.S. Senator Tom Udall (D-N.M.) announced that he has introduced a resolution backing Pope Francis' recent encyclical on climate change and the environment. The Pope is scheduled to deliver an address to Congress late next month. In the resolution, which Udall introduced with Sens. Al Franken (D-Minn.), Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) and Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), the lawmakers called on the entire Senate to stand with the Pope and the over… Continue Reading

August 03, 2015

Udall Votes to Protect Funding for Women's Health Care

WASHINGTON - Today, U.S. Senator Tom Udall voted against an effort to cut off life-saving health care services for women in New Mexico by de-funding Planned Parenthood. He issued the following statement: "Planned Parenthood provides critical health care and preventive services, such as cancer screenings and tests, for women and men, many of whom do not have access to services elsewhere. I'm not going to allow this life-saving care to be cut off for thousands in New Mexico. "Exploiting women's he… Continue Reading

August 03, 2015

Udall Statement on Clean Power Plan Announcement

WASHINGTON - Today, U.S. Senator Tom Udall praised the plan by the president and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce global warming-causing pollution from power plants. Udall issued the following statement: "New Mexico and the rest of the Southwest are in the bull's-eye when it comes to the effects of climate change. From prolonged droughts and more frequent and severe wildfires, to water scarcity and increased diagnoses of asthma and other health issues among children, global wa… Continue Reading

August 03, 2015

Udall Statement on Las Cruces Church Bombings

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Tom Udall issued the following statement on the detonation of two explosive devices Sunday morning at Calvary Baptist Church and Holy Cross Catholic Church in Las Cruces: "My thoughts and prayers are with the congregations of Calvary Baptist Church, Holy Cross Catholic Church and the people of Las Cruces. While I'm relieved that no one was hurt, I'm disturbed that it appears the explosions were intended to cause harm. New Mexicans will not tolerate this unconscionable … Continue Reading

July 31, 2015

Udall Pushes to Improve Voter Access for Native Americans

WASHINGTON - Today, U.S. Senator Tom Udall announced he has joined several senators, including Jon Tester (D-Mont.), in introducing legislation to increase voter protections and access to the polls for Native Americans. Many Native Americans live in rural communities and are often forced to travel long distances to the closest polling location. According to the National Congress of American Indians, Native American voter turnout was 17 percent less than non-natives in 2012. The Native American V… Continue Reading

July 31, 2015

Justice for Tularosa Basin Downwinders

This month marks the 70th anniversary of the first detonation of an atomic bomb, the Trinity test in Southern New Mexico. For the world, it was the beginning of the nuclear age. But for the residents of the Tularosa Basin, it was also the beginning of decades of great illness and suffering. The people who lived in the area are called "downwinders" because they were exposed to clouds of radiation that blew from the explosion. People miles away from the site saw the blast. Radioactive debris fel… Continue Reading

July 30, 2015

VIDEO: In Speech, Udall Urges Support for Diplomatic Agreement to Prevent Nuclear-Armed Iran

WASHINGTON - Today in a speech on the Senate floor, U.S. Senator Tom Udall endorsed the proposed diplomatic agreement to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. He urged Congress to support it based on the scientific and technical merits, saying the alternative could lead to more war that Americans don't want and can't afford. "This is a historic moment. This agreement has profound impact if we approve it and - make no mistake - if we fail to approve it," Udall said in his speech. "This is… Continue Reading

July 30, 2015

Udall Votes for Temporary Extension of Highway Trust Fund, Urges Congress to Work on Robust Solution for Long-Term Highway Funding

WASHINGTON - Today, U.S. Senator Tom Udall expressed his disappointment in Congress' failure to pass a responsible long-term bill to fund highways and other infrastructure ahead of a July 31 deadline. Udall voted against a Senate-drafted proposal that would extend federal transportation programs for six years but provide funding only for three years. The bipartisan leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives refused to take up the Senate bill, which Udall also said failed to include sufficie… Continue Reading

July 30, 2015

Udall at Appropriations Hearing: VA Must Restore Accountability, Protect Whistleblowers

WASHINGTON - Today, during a hearing of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, U.S. Senator Tom Udall continued to press for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to improve care for New Mexico veterans in the wake of the appointment scheduling scandal and unacceptable delay in processing a backlog of benefit claims. Udall questioned two VA whistleblowers about consequences they suffered after coming forward and the need for a strong VA Inspector … Continue Reading

July 30, 2015

Udall Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid

WASHINGTON - Today, U.S. Senator Tom Udall released the following statement in honor of the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson signing Medicare and Medicaid into law on July 30, 1965: "Fifty years ago today, President Johnson signed Medicare and Medicaid into law. These landmark programs now help protect the health, well-being and financial security of more than half of New Mexico's families. They allow children, seniors and people with disabilities to see a doctor when they're sick, … Continue Reading

July 29, 2015

Udall, Wyden Introduce Bill to End Sweetheart Deals for Coal Companies

WASHINGTON - U.S. Sens. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) today introduced legislation to ensure American taxpayers receive the full value of coal produced on public lands. The Coal Royalty Fairness Act would require the Interior Department to collect royalties for coal mined on federal lands based on the actual market value of coal. Currently, some private mining companies sell coal to their own affiliated companies at a lower cost than market value, and pay federal royalties based on t… Continue Reading

July 28, 2015

Udall, Heinrich Call for Hearing on Need to Expand Radiation Exposure Compensation Act to Include Tularosa Downwinders, Post-1971 Uranium Workers

WASHINGTON - Today, U.S. Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich announced that they have asked the Senate Judiciary Committee to hold a hearing on their work to amend the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) to expand compensation for victims of radiation exposure in New Mexico as well as several Western states and Guam. Udall, Heinrich and Sens. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) and Jim Risch (R-Idaho) introduced legislation earlier this year to amend RECA to cover victims of… Continue Reading

July 23, 2015

Udall Objects to GOP Rider on Appropriations Bill Gutting Campaign Finance Protections

WASHINGTON - Today, U.S. Senator Tom Udall stood up for campaign finance protections by objecting to an effort to roll back longstanding limits on coordinated spending between political parties and candidates. During the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee markup of the fiscal year 2016 spending bill for Financial Services and General Government, Udall led an amendment to strip a provision that would gut current spending limits on coordinated expenditures by political parties. "The American pe… Continue Reading

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