November 13, 2019

Udall: Trump Organization Fails to Answer Key Questions about Trump Business Ties in Turkey

Trump Organization did not answer senators’ key questions central to understanding Trump’s conflicts of interest with Turkey

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Tom Udall responded to the Trump administration failing to answer key questions from four U.S. senators about the Trump Organization’s business ties in Turkey and the president’s conflicts of interest as they relate to U.S.-Turkey policy. Udall and three other senators laid out the questions in an October 22 letter to the Trump Organization and set a deadline for answers to each of the questions by Nov. 12. The Trump Organization’s incomplete reply to the senators fails to answer the major questions posed by the senators’ letter by their Nov. 12 deadline.

Udall said:

“The Trump Organization has ignored our most significant questions about their licensing deal for Trump Towers Istanbul-Sisli. First, how much is this project worth to the Trump Organization, and by extension the president’s personal financial interest? And second, under what terms can that licensing deal by canceled, potentially adversely affecting the president’s personal financial interest? In addition, while the Trump Organization states that the company does not communicate with the Turkish government on foreign policy, we know that President Trump and other Trump family members in his administration certainly do, while at the same time President Trump retains a financial interest in this project in Turkey.

“As long as the Trump Organization does not answer these wholly legitimate questions, Congress and the American people will not have the information we need to judge whether President Trump is acting in the interests of the nation, and not his own bottom line.”