February 13, 2018

Udall Statement on Trump’s Unworkable Infrastructure Proposal

Proposal is ‘completely off the mark when it comes to the needs of states like New Mexico’

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Tom Udall commented on President Trump’s misguided proposal for infrastructure, which relies on state and local governments and privatization to pay for trillions of dollars’ worth of investments:

“I have been calling for a serious investment in our nation's infrastructure for many years, and I thought infrastructure could be one way that Congress and the president might find common ground and work for the American people. Rebuilding our roads and bridges; investing in broadband internet and clean energy; reconstructing schools, water and sewer systems; and other infrastructure projects would be an investment in our nation’s future. It would create millions of jobs, strengthen our communities, and help make our nation more competitive.

“Unfortunately, the president's misguided proposal is a wasted opportunity. It isn't the infrastructure moonshot we need to invest in the future of our communities. It actually cuts existing infrastructure projects, weakens our bedrock environmental laws, and it’s completely off the mark when it comes to the needs of large rural states like New Mexico. Things like toll roads and privatized bridges are completely unworkable in a big rural state. And New Mexicans can’t afford the president’s proposal to put most of the burden of paying for projects on state and local governments. It's the kind of proposal that a New York City tycoon comes up with -- it makes Donald Trump's rich friends richer and leaves the rest of the country behind.”