October 28, 2015

Udall Statement on Bipartisan Budget Agreement

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Tom Udall issued the following statement on the bipartisan budget agreement announced this week:

"Over the last several years, New Mexico has been hit hard by the dysfunction and hyper-partisanship that led to devastating sequestration budget cuts and an inability to pass appropriations bills and long-term budgets. This has not only threatened budgets for everything from national parks to our national laboratories' nuclear nonproliferation efforts, it has hurt working families across our state. Budget uncertainty and cuts have affected education, child care assistance, scientific research and development, military readiness, rural economic development, agriculture grants and so many other important programs that support jobs and families in New Mexico. That's why I have pushed so hard for an end to sequestration cuts and a return to responsible long-term budgeting.

"I'm relieved that Congress and the president have developed a bipartisan budget agreement that will prevent a standoff over raising the debt ceiling and stop sequester cuts from hurting our military and our families. This agreement isn't perfect, but it is a very positive step forward, and I urge the House and Senate to approve it. This is not an appropriations bill - we still have to approve a spending agreement by December 11 - but I'm very hopeful it will pave the way for a two-year budget that will bring certainty to New Mexico's labs, military bases, and especially working families."