October 20, 2015

Udall Opposes Politically Motivated Bill that would Undermine Immigration Laws, Weaken NM Communities

Urges Senate to focus on critical legislation for the American people, including comprehensive immigration reform

WASHINGTON - Today, U.S. Senator Tom Udall joined the Senate in defeating a shortsighted and politically motivated bill, S. 2146, that would have undermined the nation's immigration policy and withheld funding for law enforcement in so-called "sanctuary cities," including many N.M. communities. He issued the following statement:

"Just last Friday, I visited the Lordsburg Border Patrol station for an update on our border security efforts. What I heard from agents and local officials there reinforced my belief that Congress must pass true immigration reform that will fix our broken borders, crack down on unscrupulous employers who illegally recruit and hire undocumented workers, and provide an earned path to citizenship for the millions of immigrants living and working in our communities. As residents of a border state, New Mexicans understand the need for a comprehensive solution to our broken immigration system. We see every day the benefit that immigrants bring to our communities as well as the urgency of protecting our borders.

"My visit to Lordsburg also underscored the divisive political motivations behind the bill I helped defeat in the Senate today. Not only would the bill have undermined efforts to remove dangerous criminals from New Mexico communities and divided families, it would have jeopardized funding that has helped cities and counties - including Santa Fe and Bernalillo County - protect public safety, provide safe housing and boost the economy. I urge the Senate to stop wasting time on these political show votes that do nothing to serve the American people. Deadlines are looming for us to act on critical measures to help working families and grow the economy in New Mexico and across the country. We should be focused on those important items, including a bill to fund our nation's highways, a bipartisan budget, and a measure to prevent default on our national debt."