September 26, 2017

Udall Calls for Bipartisan Work to Improve Health Care

WASHINGTON — Today, U.S. Senator Tom Udall responded to news that Republican leaders have decided not to hold a vote on the last-ditch Graham-Cassidy TrumpCare bill. Udall called for bipartisan work to improve health care for every New Mexican and every American:

“Today’s announcement is the result of the unwavering dedication of people across New Mexico and the country who have spoken out in record numbers to prevent health care from being ripped away from tens of millions of Americans. I urge Republicans in Congress to change focus, stop trying to kill the Affordable Care Act and start working on solutions that bring down health care costs and expand coverage so that anyone can see a doctor when they’re sick.

“Every radical version of TrumpCare we have seen so far would have been devastating for New Mexico and the nation. The latest, last-ditch Graham-Cassidy plan that Republicans tried to force through would have jeopardized the health insurance of the more than 900,000 New Mexicans who rely on the Medicaid program. The bill’s Medicaid cuts also would have had disastrous consequences for American Indians and Alaska Natives, who have benefitted enormously from new access to life-saving care. It would have slashed funding for New Mexico by $60 billion over a 16-year period and it could even have forced some hospitals across our state to close. This TrumpCare bill would have taken us back to the days when insurance companies could charge sick people more — as much as $17,320 for pregnancy, $5,600 for diabetes, and over $142,650 for certain forms of cancer.

“Today is a big victory for the American people, but we cannot become complacent. Unfortunately, Senate Republicans are already indicating that they want to keep trying to pass a dangerous TrumpCare bill, in 2018 or 2019 or beyond. But it’s abundantly clear that Americans are sick and tired of their health care being attacked. Let’s commit to moving our country past these bitter, political fights by working together and doing our jobs for the American people."

Udall spoke on the Senate floor this afternoon about the devastating impact Graham-Cassidy and other Republican health care proposals would have on health care in Indian Country. Watch his speech here.