September 30, 2009

Udall Advocates for 'Do It All', 'Do It Right' Energy and Climate Bill

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Tom Udall, D-N.M., today called for the Senate to pass legislation that will put our nation on a path towards energy independence at a Capitol Hill press conference today to unveil the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act. Click here for photos from the event.

Udall joined Senators John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, other senators, and a diverse coalition of military veterans, working Americans, business leaders, and environmental advocates to discuss the initiative to create clean energy incentives and fight global warming.

A long time proponent of a “Do It All” energy approach, Udall called the legislation a work in progress and a strong foundation for debate. He encouraged the Senate “to build upon it, not tear it down.”

Udall says he will continue to work closely on provisions of the bill that are important to New Mexico and the West including:

• Incentives for renewable energy and low emission natural gas;

• Protecting natural resources and special places from increased wildfire and drought;

• Preserving precious water supplies in arid regions;

• Including Indian tribes in clean energy and climate solutions;

• Providing opportunities to farmers and ranchers without bureaucratic red-tape; and

• Protecting vulnerable energy consumers, especially working families and rural electric cooperatives.

“The West and my home state of New Mexico are rich in renewable energy along with traditional energy sources,” said Udall. “Westerners are eager to help Americans take control of their energy future from special interests and foreign powers.”

He also said the group is uniting behind a spectrum of energy solutions including renewable energy, natural gas, enhanced domestic production, safe nuclear power, real clean coal technology and energy efficiency.

“The House has acted. The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, under the leadership of my colleague Senator Jeff Bingaman, has also acted on its landmark energy legislation, the American Clean Energy Leadership Act.

“Now it is time for the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to act so that the full Senate can produce a ‘Do It All’ and ‘Do It Right’ energy and climate bill and send it to the president,” Udall concluded.