May 18, 2011

Time for Transition in Afghanistan

We've been in Afghanistan for nearly ten years -- this is America's longest war.

Today, as part of a new project organized by YouTube, called the YouTube Town Hall, I posted a video calling for an accelerated transition of security operations to Afghan forces.

Last year President Obama outlined a plan to begin this transition in July. It's critical that we meet this target date for the Afghans to take responsibility for their country and begin bringing our troops home.

In December I laid out the four key challenges that we need to address moving forward in Afghanistan: Our exit strategy, an accelerated transition to the Afghans, corruption in the Karzai government, and safe havens in Pakistan.

In a speech on the Senate floor, I gave a full overview of these challenges:

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It's time for theses challenges to be fully addressed and we need to start with a handover of the day-to-day security operations to the Afghan army and police.