December 06, 2009

Sunday in the Senate Update

Just before we started voting this afternoon on more amendments to the Senate's health reform bill, we had a very special opportunity to hear from President Obama. He reminded us that today, Congress is closer than ever before to passing meaningful health reform that will make a real difference for families struggling with health care costs. He also told us that we have the opportunity to pass a truly historic health reform initiative that will provide more stability and security for American families and businesses that are struggling to survive under the weight of always-rising health insurance costs.

In his own very motivating way, the President reminded us to work together to get this done...That the legacy would be written in the faces of America's children.

I agree with President Obama. New Mexicans can no longer afford the status quo and the spiraling health care costs we face today are a threat to both our families and our businesses. As the debate continues, I will keep fighting for the quality, affordable health care system Americans deserve.