March 12, 2009

President Signs Bill That Will Create Green Jobs, Help Dairy Farmers in Eastern New Mexico

WASHINGTION­-U.S. Senator Tom Udall, D-N.M., announced that Eastern New Mexico will receive almost $1.2 million from initiatives he included in the omnibus appropriations bill that President Obama signed into law. The projects will support New Mexico dairy farmers on the eastside and help build a clean energy plant in Roosevelt County.


Said Udall, "Dairy farming and alternative energy are two pillars of Eastern New Mexico's economy. I am proud President Obama signed this legislation containing important Eastern, New Mexico initiatives into law."


The legislation includes $235,000 for the Clovis-NMSU, Southern Great Plains Dairy Consortium. The consortium will use the assistance to boost research on improved dairy production through animal nutrition, health, and management.


"Today's economic conditions have put additional pressures on Eastern, New Mexico's dairy farmers," said Udall. "Innovations like those being developed at the Dairy Consortium will help our farmers meet these challenges while making life easier for the consumers who rely on their products."


The bill also includes $951,000 for the Sapphire Energy Algae to Fuel Demonstration Project to create and grow a fuel-producing algae using technology that genetically enhances algal organisms. It is estimated that 100 local jobs will be created from this funding, and the technology it produces could help to significantly reduce our nation's dependence on fossil fuels.


"Economists and business leaders agree that the clean energy sector will produce the jobs of the future," said Udall, "By investing in this kind of project today, we can ensure that these jobs will be created in Eastern, New Mexico."