May 27, 2011

My Vote on the Ryan Budget

This week we held a vote on the House-passed 2012 budget, proposed by Congressman Paul Ryan.

A budget is an outline of our priorities as a nation. It shows what we think is important and what we as a nation should invest in.

The budget passed by the House would end Medicare as we know it and put insurance companies between patients and their doctors. It would cut programs that benefit the middle-class and protect senior citizens and the poor, all the while lowering taxes on the wealthiest Americans to the lowest level in 80 years.

I think those priorities are backwards, so I voted "no" on the House's 2012 budget.

Learn why by watching my "Video Vote" above and tell me your thoughts on it too.

It's time to get serious about our debt. We need to make certain that we remain focused on improving our economy and helping entrepreneurs create jobs. But we shouldn't prioritize cuts for the rich on the backs of seniors and middle-class families.