January 07, 2016

Looking Ahead to 2016

From welcoming Valles Caldera into the National Park Service and securing funding to modernize the Columbus border crossing to advances in lifesaving technology to prevent drunk driving, we made exciting progress in 2015. I was especially proud to end the year with passage in the Senate of my bipartisan bill to protect our kids from dangerous chemicals.

Looking forward to 2016, I will continue working hard to do what’s right for New Mexicans. That means fighting for resources for our national labs, our military bases and for communities across the state as a member of the Appropriations Committee, which directs federal resources. I'll also keep working on major legislation I've introduced to help create jobs and boost New Mexico's economy, and ensure our veterans get the services they earned.

I’d like to hear your ideas for the new year. How can Congress better serve New Mexico families? What’s the most pressing issue in your community? Share your thoughts with me here, or on Facebook or Twitter.

Advancing the economy will remain my top priority. This includes continuing work to encourage entrepreneurs and improve technology transfer at our national labs to create well-paying high-tech jobs and new businesses to develop cutting-edge technologies.

I'll also continue to work with New Mexicans to protect our special landscapes and the tourism jobs they create. Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks is helping put Doña Ana County on the map for outdoor recreation lovers, boosting the region’s economy. I was proud to help win an extension of the Land and Water Conservation Fund for community parks and public lands, and this year I’ll keep fighting for permanent funding so we can preserve our beautiful open spaces for generations to come.

As part of my commitment to providing excellent constituent service, my staff remains available to help New Mexicans who need assistance with federal agencies. Visit my website to learn more about the issues I can help address, and be on the lookout for Udall Serving YoU office hours in your community this year.

While we’re focused on the year ahead, I'm encouraging everyone to invest in New Mexico’s children. In December, we finally overhauled the failed one-size-fits-all No Child Left Behind education law to provide flexibility in testing, better hold our schools accountable for teaching all students, and make investments in preschool programs. That’s a great step forward. With parents, and state, federal and community leaders working in partnership we can keep improving the well-being of all New Mexico kids.

The coming year brings many other challenges — including addressing climate change and protecting our nation from threats abroad. But with you by my side, we'll keep making progress for families across New Mexico.