March 18, 2010

Jobs Bill Signed and Benefits On the Way

Today, President Obama signed an important jobs bill that will help spur job growth and strengthen the private sector in New Mexico and across the country. Watch my Video Vote on the Hire Act below to hear more:

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For business owners, it means new tax incentives to make hiring new employees easier;

For small businesses, it means tax breaks for recent investments in equipment so that they can focus on the road ahead;

For working New Mexicans, it means funding for critical infrastructure like roads, schools and clean energy projects, creating work for the many businesses that contribute to them;

And for towns and communities, it means more investments through Build America Bonds, one of the most successful provisions of the Recovery Act.

Finally, I'm proud that yesterday's Senate vote on this bill was a bipartisan one. Passing 68-29, the HIRE Act is filled with good ideas that will help get New Mexico back in business.