March 03, 2010

Countdown to Health Reform

After more than a year of discussions, hearings and debates on health insurance reform, we're moving into the final stretch.

The proposal President Obama laid out today melds together many of the best ideas from the Senate and House, Democrats and Republicans, and gives us a clear path forward in passing this critical legislation so that every New Mexican has access to quality, affordable health care.

You can read about the President's proposal and what it will mean for you over at

President Obama asked that we take this under consideration and hold final up or down votes in the coming weeks. And we should not delay.

Today in New Mexico we saw yet another reminder of how urgent the need for reform really is. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico's filings indicate that they plan to increase premiums for individual plans by almost 25 percent. Read the full story here.

At a time when New Mexicans are still struggling to support their families, they can't afford another exorbitant rate increase from a health insurance company that continues to put profit above people.

We need this legislation to put a stop to skyrocketing premiums, so I look forward to debating it with my colleagues in the Senate and passing the reform that New Mexico and the nation so greatly need.