November 18, 2009

Bingaman & Udall Applaud Investment in Sandia's Battery Research

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senators Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall today applauded the announcement that Sandia National Laboratory will receive $4.2 million from the Recovery and Reinvestment Act for improvements to its Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory.

Upgrades at the battery laboratory are aimed at helping develop low cost batteries that can be used in vehicles and to store and transmit renewable energy.

“Sandia has been engaged in extremely important research and development on battery technology that will help our country shift to a clean energy economy. This DOE grant will allow Sandia to upgrade its battery lab, and further advance its battery research,” said Bingaman, who chairs the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. “Making an investment now in this advanced technology greatly increases the chances that we will manufacture the batteries of the future here in the United States, and that will have a very positive long-term effect on our economy.”

“America needs advanced batteries to transmit renewable energy and create future generations of more fuel efficient vehicles,” said Udall. “Sandia scientists are experts in this emerging technology and investing in a top of the line testing laboratory for their work will help our country and economy for years to come.”

U.S. Department of Energy Deputy Secretary Daniel Poneman made the grant announcement today when he was in Albuquerque visiting Sandia.