A safe and efficient transportation system supports our day-to-day lives and guarantees our future prosperity.  That’s why we need a transportation strategy that addresses our immediate infrastructure needs while providing a foundation for sustainable growth for decades to come.  Focusing on more fuel efficient methods of transportation powered by clean and renewable energy will also be a key factor in reducing our dangerous dependence on foreign oil.  

Fixing Our Crumbling Infrastructure

Much of our transportation infrastructure is a generation old and nearing the end of its intended life cycle. The 2007 collapse of the Mississippi River Bridge in Minneapolis was a wake-up call to reassess the condition of our infrastructure. New Mexico has bridges and roads in need of repair and improvement across the state.  We must ensure the safety of our transportation system while investing in responsible growth to meet our future needs.  

Improving Public Transportation

Finding clean alternatives to driving is key to reducing our dependence on foreign oil and combating global warming.  In a large state like New Mexico, driving will always be an important way to get around, but when possible, we should try to use different modes of transportation.  I am working to increase transportation options for New Mexicans across the state, from bike paths to expanding the Rail Runner and new high-speed rail lines. 

Cracking Down on Drunk Driving

New Mexico was once the worst state in the nation for drunk driving.  Now our state leads the way in  fighting drunk driving and has reduced the number of alcohol related road deaths by 35% over the last five years.  I will always support efforts to increase enforcement, improve public awareness, and build on proven methods for DWI prevention, like ignition interlocks.  This Congress, I also reintroduced legislation that would require airlines to train flight attendants and gate agents on serving alcohol and identifying intoxicated passengers as a way to make our skies and roads safer.

Building High-Speed Rail

I believe high-speed rail is among the most significant transportation policy initiatives since President Eisenhower championed the creation of the interstate highway system.  It can help move us towards a clean energy economy and energy independence while connecting communities across America.  The Southwest region must be included in the Administration’s plan to connect communities across America with efficient, high-speed passenger rail, and I am working to ensure its success.