Foreign Policy

The United States is the world's pre-eminent economic and military power and a beacon of democracy. As a member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, I'm closely involved in the important role of congressional oversight on what we're doing beyond our borders to keep America safe, improve relations with the global community, and promote American values and sustainable development overseas.

Western Hemisphere & Global Narcotics Affairs

As Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere and Global Narcotics Affairs, and as Senate Chair of the U.S. Mexico Interparliamentary Group, I'm working on issues vital to our region of the world, and particularly important to the security of border states like New Mexico.

Our relationship with our neighbors across the Americas does not stop at the border or the shoreline. These partnerships require an approach that takes into account not only the important issues of immigration and security, but also economic development, conservation and the rule of law.

Afghanistan & Pakistan

Our troops have served with distinction and honor in Afghanistan. The killing of Osama bin Laden marked the completion of a major goal since 9/11 and today Al Qaeda and their allies are both disrupted and damaged. I believe the progress we have made has paved the way for an accelerated transition of security in the country to Afghan forces.

We can't deploy large forces of combat troops in Afghanistan forever. It's simply unsustainable. An accelerated transition of our troops will give Afghans the incentive to take control of their country, while also showing the world that the U.S. is not an occupying power. It will also allow us to refocus our efforts on counterterrorism and other regional issues vital to our national security.

Middle East

As a member of the House of Representatives, I voted against the war in Iraq. I believe it shifted our focus from the more important mission of targeting and disrupting the terrorists who attacked us from a Taliban-sponsored haven in Afghanistan. In 2009 we began a successful redeployment of combat troops out of Iraq and concluded combat operations in 2010.

Across the Middle East, change is happening. Peaceful calls for democracy gave rise to new governments in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere, but have also led to violent reprisals in countries such as Syria. I believe we must continue to engage with countries, and supporters of democracy, in the region and work to ensure that the new democracies have the support they need to transition.

We must also continue our work with all stakeholders in the Israeli/Palestinian peace process while supporting Israel's ability to defend itself.