Environment & Conservation

Part of representing New Mexico is protecting the special relationship that New Mexicans have with our unique and remarkable landscapes and environment.  Representing our collective desire to preserve our states’ natural wonders and limited resources for future generations is something I take very seriously.  In Washington, I am working to make sure that New Mexico’s special places are protected and that our resources are managed responsibly.

Providing Clean Water

In New Mexico, as in much of the arid West, committing federal resources for water infrastructure and projects is not a luxury; it is a necessity.  I am dedicated to making sure that New Mexico communities receive much needed investments for infrastructure like wastewater treatment plants and water lines.  In coordination with the Environmental Protection Agency, I’m working to make sure that we get the necessary funding for safe and reliable water infrastructure.

You can find out more about my work on the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works here.

Water Resource Development Act Requests

Congress periodically considers Water Resources Development Acts (WRDA) to authorize Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works projects for flood control, navigation, ecosystem restoration, and other water resources projects. The Senate Committee of Environment and Public Works has been working on such legislation. Click here to view the following project authorizations and amendments I submitted for New Mexico.