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Tuesdays with Tom, 04-20-2010

April 20, 2010
Tuesdays with Tom


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00:00 - Udall opens the conversation by giving an update on the RECA legislation he introduced Monday that would provide additional compensation to an expanded number of Americans who were sickened from working in uranium mines or living near aboveground atomic weapons tests. He also discusses Wall Street reform as it makes its way to the Senate floor.

05:18 - Talks about clean up funding for Los Alamos National Labs in order to protect the health and safety of the people who live and work near the site. Highlights the New Mexico Environment Department's unprecedented public hearings to gather concerns from all involved in lab issues and clean up.

08:12 - Stresses that Wall Street reform must ensure that taxpayer dollars are never again used to bail out banks or organizations deemed "too big to fail."

09:22 - Takes a question on the Securities and Exchange Commission's investigation into Goldman Sachs. Says it is time to do something about the abusive practices on Wall Street.

10:35 - Discusses his family's role in regards to the RECA bill and his father's "crusade for justice" in advocating for sickened miners and downwinders.

13:02 - Stresses the importance of the health care impact study included in RECA and what it will mean to families with loved ones who worked in the mines.

14:30 - Talks about the importance of changing the culture on Wall Street.

15:55 - Discusses "too big to fail" institutions and the ways Wall Street reform will address the problem.

17:44 - Gives his thoughts on how the Consumer Financial Protection Agency should be set up. Notes the importance of Wall Street reform for New Mexico and the country.

20:10 - Highlights the importance of keeping teachers in the classroom with quick passage of the Keep Our Educators Working Act. This legislation would create a $23 billion "Education Jobs Fund" to prevent further teacher layoffs.


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